Sunday, March 6, 2016

Still Here, Still Crazy

Alas gentle readers I have not forgotten you. I have started and aborted four posts this week. There was the tale of the oriental rug that I thought was a good idea to bring from home to my new place. Well, that was until my DH got involved, it went to a rug restoration place, there were issues . . . it went downhill from there. I'm still trying to wordsmith that one without using terms that would make my dear Aunt Kat scold me, my Aunty proud, and my DH not very happy with me.

Then there was the post about the joy of being an 18 month old when the world is your oyster, your life is innocent, and you are as cute as a bug. Of course I am describing my dear little Loulou who goes around with a large bow in her hair that she now demands at all times. And, being an opinionated little one (wonder where that DNA came from?) insists on choosing the bow herself so it may or may not match her outfit. Yes, pink goes with red stripes. But, bragging on the brightest child in the world, your grandchild bores others, I know.

Then there is the growing relationship between the two pups. Or rather, Ellie's tolerance of Marshall. The two have been tossed back and forth between Charleston and Orangeburg lately due to chaos over my trying to get my car serviced. I had it done with our hometown mechanics. Parts were an issue. My having DH's car a bit longer than was planned became such an inconvenience while having the service work done by our mechanics like my DH insisted soon became "You have to find your own service people in Charleston." Wow, and avoid the round robin of vehicles as well as multiple trips up and down the road? 

And, there was the issue of the last of my "Hello Fresh" meals when I failed to read ALL the directions before starting preparing the meal. The best I can say there is - don't do that at home.

So, I am still here. My life goes on as usual - never in a straight line. Stay tuned.

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