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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Doors of the Day

I started posting my "Charleston Door of the Day -Photo"s soon after I settled in down here. This past weekend I was out and about very early Sunday morning and found some more interesting images to add to the collection. Lately, I have had to get organized and make sure the doors I have posted are moved into the "Done Door" file and the new images are in the "New" file.

As I organized files this weekend, I started counting. I was shocked to see that as of this morning I have posted 128 photos of Charleston doors from one end of the peninsula to the other. Naturally I was not organized enough to note where the doors were that I photographed so I live in fear that I may post the same door twice. Trust me, it is not as much fear as it is embarrassment. Seriously, I doubt anyone is going to take away my birthday if I repeat a door. How very arrogant on my part to think someone would notice . . . or even care. But, I still have my pride.

It is not like there is a section of the city that is populated by peach colored homes with white doors, or specific blocks that are known for their green doors. Just because yellow is a very popular color for houses, no two of their doorways are the same. Last week I stumbled on a lovely purple home. Charleston is definitely detailed and colorful. 

But the doors do not have to be bright yellow or on an orange house to have character. Often I will find in looking closer over the images I have taken that the features on a black door set on a white wall on a door I have walked by a dozen times and never paid any attention to, are detailed and often ornate. It is often here I find the most elaborate carved woodwork in the pilasters, pediments, and delicate brackets exhibited in their doorways. One will miss these fine details of Charleston's architectural abundance unless you stop and look.

Of course the missing panel, peeling paint, crooked doorway speaks for itself. The humor is in the details such as the new satellite dish sitting atop a small house that is falling down, nailed shut, and marked with signs stating "Keep Out". Or one that shouts alliteration with a purple bicycle leaning on the front steps, a purple LSU banner in the window ,and other purple features.

So what started as, "Now, that is an interesting door, I think I will photograph it and share it," has become a matter of remembering where I have been, what I have seen, and which ones I have shared. The initial idea was doing something that was a no brainer - actually, there was no idea, no plan. 

Now my innocent idea has a life of its own. Oh, there are plenty of doors, I shall never run out of subjects. And there is certainly enough variety to please most folks who tune in. People stop me (some I do not even know) and tell me how much they enjoy my daily indulgence. 

Some ask if I find a door each morning to post - the honest answer being, no, I am not that organized in the morning. Others ask where a specific door is - sometimes I can remember, others I have no clue. I have had requests for the more "grand" doors South of Broad as well as some who are humored by  the doors that have seen their better days. 

At the end of the day (or rather first thing in the morning) it comes down to the fact that I enjoy strolling the streets of this lovely place, I fancy myself as a photographer (or least my camera makes me look like I play one on TV), and I thought it interesting to share these particular portals that have piqued my interest.

I see this as taking friends along on a stroll through these old streets. All I ask is that if you especially enjoy one or more of my posted portals, that you "Like It" so I will know there is life out there along with me for this constitutional. 

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