Sunday, July 3, 2016

Some Where Over the Rainbow

As most folks, OK, as some folks, my politics have evolved as I have aged. Just as my priorities have changed and I have matured, I have been able to look at life on my own terms. In doing so, let's just say the rose colored glasses I was raised reared wearing became a bit cloudy years ago. Removing them was akin to Dorothy pulling back the curtain when she arrived in Oz. But, I digress.

Usually by this time in the election cycle, I have made my decision and am just biding my time for that Tuesday in November when I can cast my vote. In our political climate, things are generally black and white - in the past years - literally. I firmly believe that we are endowed with both the rights to vote our consciences and voice our opinions. And with that, we should have the manners to tolerate those, albeit obnoxious as they may be, who have views that differ from our own.  After all it is the public debate, the candidates' campaigns, the parties's push, and the pundit's field day that give most us the fodder we base our decision on. 

Of course, newly added to this mix are the tabloid headlines, senate hearings, FBI investigations, and TV reality shows. What would Tom (Jefferson) and John (Adams) think of what we have done with this part of the democracy they so brilliantly set up? I cannot speak for John, but I imagine Tom would be very happy he did not have to run for office in light of today's climate. Rather than a system that gives us the best candidates to represent us, we have created a climate where we make it is as difficult as possible for a qualified successful person to rise to the top. Hell, qualifying as a Navy Seal is probably easier. 

The Republicans, with 17 candidates at one time, became a circular firing squad. And when the smoke cleared all that was left was a reality TV star no one would have ever taken seriously as a candidate just one election cycle ago. But, then the Grand Ol' Party should remember there was another actor they once did not take seriously and now they worship his legacy.

The Democrats are led by a former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State- whose experience and resume is probably better than anyone who has ever run for office. However, the mention of her name makes many men gag and run from the room at the very idea that she would be the one in the oval office. And, women, either see her as the ultimate one to break the glass ceiling or have yet to forgive her for "Standing by her Man". Her only primary opponent was an avowed socialist senator, no one took seriously, who managed to take a grassroots movement and give her a run for her money. 

It's a free country and everyone has a right to their vote. However, the way I see it, this year the Tin Man is still looking for his heart, the Lion is still looking for his nerve, the Scarecrow is still looking for his brain, and I am going to move to Aruba. 

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