Thursday, July 20, 2017

I'm Back .....Again

After a six month hiatus for which I can neither explain myself nor justify the time spent, I am back to my blog. Y'all having heard enough about my insane life, I thought I would share the trials, travails, and drama of a sweet southern girl, bless her heart.  I can assure you any names will be changed to protect the innocent, the guilty and those who profess to be either.

Her name is Brunilda Ethel, one of those God awful southern names one's mother bestows upon a new born baby girl who is innocent until burdened with such a moniker she will have to live with  for life. All the while her mother, Anna Belle, bless her heart, thinks that in honoring her dear Great Aunt Brunilda Ethel by naming her first born after her, that her fate will rise in the eyes of Great Aunt Brunilda. So much so that her Great Aunt will see that the sterling silver tea set on the family buffet, that Anna Belle and her three sisters have been eyeing since they were just little ones should appropriately be bequeathed to Anna Belle to be passed on to Great Aunt Brunilda Ethel's namesake, her Great Great Niece, Little Brunilda.

But, I digress. Luckily, like all loving southern fathers are apt to do, Brunilda's daddy picked a sweet name to call his little girl - "Bunny". Thank God it stuck and "Brunilda" was "Bunny" from then on.

Bunny grew up rather quickly, married a cute guy she met in college, Buck. Upon the birth of her daughter, she spared the agony of a dreadful moniker and named her "Ethel Belle". (Possibly hoping that would ensure the inheritance of the prized tea set.) The family did well until Bunny learned of a few unfortunate indiscretions Buck had had with a young lady at the local pen factory. Buck and Bunny divorced. It was not pretty.

Several years later, they saw the error of their ways and remarried putting their family back together. Buck had a good job at that local pen factory. Meanwhile Bunny had established herself as a very valuable employee of Mr. Quinton Gallagher Hampton IV's (known as "Wade" to most of the locals) office. Mr. Hampton aka Wade was the local landlord of most rental property in the area. The office managed the billing, rent payments, and custodial crew for all his properties which were scattered all over town. They varied from small tenements that should have been torn down a decade or two ago to large modern multi-story buildings with everything from a concierge service  to dog walkers to a gym.

After proving herself as a reliable and trusty employee, Mr. Hampton, or rather Mr. Wade, made a very generous offer to promote her to manager, she would get a small cut of the rents collected and also, a chance to  possibly purchase some rental property along and along.

Bunny was beside herself. Now both she and Buck had good incomes coming in and they could enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle with their little family. They were living the life and it was good.

Oh, but not so fast. Seems Buck had gotten religion (unbeknownst to Bunny). He was convinced that the Lord would provide. His faith was so strong that he quit his job and dedicated his life to serving Jesus Christ, knowing that while the Lord was providing a lot, Bunny's new salary would certainly cover any expenses the Trinity overlooked.

Needless to say this caused some unpleasantness at home. It wasn't long before the Lord's provision's did not come through in a sufficient fiscal manner to cover the bills. Bunny made a good salary but not nearly enough to support their new lifestyle. Being a smart Bunny she left Buck before God's generosity faded. Just for good measure, she gave the sterling silver tea set to her daughter.

Once again they divorced and our Bunny found herself the mother of a daughter, who by this time was almost out of college. She was single again with a good job. Thanks to her position with Mr Wade, she found a cute apartment in town and avoided living with her mother. 

This is where I come in. I failed to mention a few details. Bunny is very good looking. She is smart and driven. Her fashion sense is a bit 'lacking'. Her bright red lipstick and bouffant hairdo, reckons backs several generations. Bunny sees the world through different eyes. True love has escaped her and she has always been a disappointment to her mother, not that Anna Belle was the best role model. Most importantly she has a good heart and good intentions. 

Stay tuned.

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