Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Dirth of Alzheimer's

I have come to know a cruel and sinister foe that lurks amongst us. A disease that can strike someone at any time - at the top of their game, at an early age or at the end of their days when it is their time to enjoy family and friends. It comes quickly and silently, like a fog in the night. Before anyone knows it, they are lost in the dark mist, slowly slipping away, out of sight, out of our grasp. We can see them, make out their shadow. But, even as we reach out to save them, they slip away. In our attempts to hold them, hold onto their lives, to our memories, we are thwarted. The blank look looms with the stare that tells all and nothing. The smile that masks the confusion. They are there but they are not. Their souls have slowly vanished before our eyes, an evil allusion. All we have left are their memories, for they are gone - forever.

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Lynn Fralick said...

So, so sad. I know you must be in pain.