Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ladies of the Evening

When I was growing up there seemed to be a certain type of women I found intriguing. The funny thing was if I found them terribly interesting, my mother found them deplorable, and my father was amused. We all grew up with them. You know, the ones who always had the big hair, the tight skirts- a little higher than most, especially for their age, and a little more "color" on their faces than most ladies I knew. They could cuss and drink with the best of them and hold a cigarette like no other. I felt so dowdy next to them. And, they always seemed to be having more fun than anyone else.

My mother would always discuss them in hushed tones, liked if she raised her voice they might hear her, even though we were in our house, far removed from them. She kept telling me that there were just some things I was not old enough to understand. Dad would just roll his eyes and leave the room. I was confused.

I would see these ladies at the store when shopping with my mother, or hanging around the local bar and grill where we went to get our favorite hamburgers. One night Dad had taken us to real nice restaurant to celebrate one of our birthdays. You know the fancy kind that had a lobster tank - a big deal in the 70's. As we were leaving, one of these ladies came in with a nicely dressed gentleman. As soon as we got in the car. I quickly said to my mother, "See, I told you ladies like that are OK. If not, why would they be eating in such a fancy place and with such a nice man." My father just smiled and looked at my mom and said, "That's right, why else would she be in such a fancy place with such a nice man." My mother knew there was nothing proper she could say. Dad and I were both waiting for her answer - me, innocently, for an explanation and Dad, humorously, just to watch her squirm.

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