Wednesday, February 3, 2010


There are few things we women can control about our lives. We have no control over our body sizes, if we are short and vain, then stilettos are our only salvation. Those poor women "blessed" with height can only hope for a dream job as a super model. As for our weight, oh, we can diet until our heart's content with questionable results. (Is the pain really worth the gain - or loss?) We cannot manage our mothers, just hope to survive to adulthood when suddenly we appreciate (at least) some of what they preached about and have gained enough maturity to ignore what we will never understand and just pray that it is not genetic.

Even our children are often out of control. Oh, we can argue "parental control" until we are blue in the face. We can withhold the car keys and the cash, but when it really comes down to it, it is their decision whether or not they want to obey and follow the family party line. Face it, the ultimate goal here is for everyone to survive.

We cannot control our husbands. If you can, you are married to the wrong man, and are definitely reading the wrong blog! My Daddy gave me sage advice on one of our early morning rides on the farm when I was younger. "Doodle, when you get married, find someone who will be your partner. You don't want someone to lead around and, for God's sake, you don't want someone to follow." I kept this advice in mind and is has served me well. Granted, you can nudge, cajole, suggest, or implore. But I digress.

Now all is not lost. Life is good, because it is not all about control. Southern women learned this a long time ago. It is about getting your way. Control has nothing to do with it. And, usually, whoever is "in control" never knew it happened. My Daddy also told me, "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." And, Honey, let me tell you it works.

By the way, I have found one thing that all women do have complete control over - our hair color. For me, in full disclosure, it's Excellence by Loreal, Lightest Golden Brown.

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