Saturday, February 6, 2010

Old Girls Just Want to Have Fun

One morning when Karen came in, I asked her how her morning was going. "Well much better than last night." I knew there was a story there.

Her mother-in-law, "Miss" Margaret, is one of the Grand Dames of the South. In her late 80's she is still going strong and enjoying every bit of life she can. Several years ago when she had to give up driving (a privilege she did not relinquish easily) she just accepted her fate but it did not slow her down. Apparently, the evening before, Karen and her husband were in bed at their home, which is located across the highway from the "Big House" where "Miss" Margaret lives. They received a phone call from their niece, who was very upset, saying that she could not get in touch with her grandmother ("Miss" Margaret) and asking if something was wrong. Being concerned they got dressed and went over to the Big House to check on her.

The lights were on in the house and the door was locked. When they entered the house and called her name, there was no response. Panic set in as they raced to her bedroom. Her bed was unmade, her purse was there, but there was no "Miss" Margaret. Now really alarmed, they started searching the house, upstairs and down, for a body. But nothing. They called her driver. According to Jane, she had made sure "Miss" Margaret had eaten supper, changed into her night clothes, and then Jane had left her in her bed watching TV.

After making sure that the car was still in the yard - and it was (just because they told her she couldn't drive wouldn't necessarily stop her if she decided to) they called the sheriff. He was very supportive and said he would be out right away. Karen said by this time they were frantic and getting very upset. How could she just vanish? Did someone take her? Did she just wonder off - and lock the door behind her?

It was at this time that they heard the front door open. In walked "Miss" Margaret, dressed fit-to-kill, head-to-toe in sequins. "Mama, where in the Hell have you been?", asked Karen's husband. "The Hospital Charity Dinner. Bob and Mary had an extra ticket and asked if I wanted to go." "You can't just get all dressed up and go out to some dinner without us knowing." "Why not? They had an extra ticket. I didn't drive. Do you think I'm just going to sit home every night?" "You scared us to death." Then sheepishly, "Miss" Margaret looked at her son and said, "I'm sorry. They just called at the last minute. I was so excited and figured you would never know about it. After all, you never did before."

Her son just shook his head and as he walked out of the door said, "This is worse than having teenagers."

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