Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Sun, the Sand, and Zoltan

Paradise - Day Two.  Since the beach outside our condo was breathtaking but, due to the coral in the water not somewhere conducive to swimming,  we made the executive decision to head over to the Marriott and use their beach. After all, we had each stayed there before so technically we were "returning guests" . The doorman welcomed us accordingly, so life was good. 

As we exited the back of the hotel, there it was - the white fine sand, the rows of lounge chairs and umbrellas and that azure blue water. So this is how the rich live. We settled our belongings into some vacant chairs and headed for the water, after all the Caribbean sun and 80 degree weather was quite warm. And, I was so excited about swimming in this clear blue water. As I waded into the surf, I was reminded - what are you thinking? It is January. 79 degree water is not warm, some may call it "tepid" at best. I call it cool. 

Plan two. Back at the lounge chairs and the warm Caribbean sun. Then Zoltan, our waiter, appeared. "You ladies, you need something to drink, a nice cocktail?" he said in a heavy eastern European accent. "We have Bloody Marys, Mimosas, and Bellinis - all two for one," he continued with a smile. "You can have many!" After some discussion among us, not over whether to order, but what to order, we settled on Mimosas and Bellinis. "That be four for price of two. Good, no?" he said with a smile and scurried off.

Soon the drinks arrived. What is it with cold drinks and the beach? - a toxic combination. When Zoltan reappeared, we ordered another round and offered to pay. "No worry right now. Just remember Zoltan. I take good care of you." And, that he did.

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