Friday, May 20, 2011

The End is Near - I Don't Think So

I hate to break it to all these doomsdayer folks - the end cannot be near, much less this coming Saturday. It just doesn't suit. I have way too much to do. I do not have time for the full revelation of God, the salvation of the believers, and the damnation of (us) sinners. It isn't penciled in on my calendar and besides if this date is so important and has been known for so long, why isn't a permanent "date to remember" on the calendar. (How could Hallmark miss an opportunity - you know all the "See you on the other side", "Don't forget to repent before it's too late", and "You'll be missed" cards?)  For that matter, why do any calendars bother to even have May 22 forward.

My Grandmother, Granny, and Aunt Kat were all God fearing church going women. And, not one of them ever told me to mark that date on my calendar. In fact Aunt Kat and Granny were staunch Presbyterians and you know John Calvin gave all of them the road map to their life when they were born, seeing that they were pre-ordained. I never saw the map stop on May 21, 2011 .

These folks are telling me to repent now to save my soul. The way I see it, I didn't know it was lost and if it is as lost of they say, there is not enough time in the next 24 hours for me to repent. Besides, I still need to clean out my attic, organize the bedroom closets, visit Cuba, buy my Carrera, house break Ellie, and find that piece of jewelry I "misplaced" a year or two ago. So the end will need to be post-poned.

But, before I fast forward my bucket list and lose sleep over this, I think I will put these folks in the group with those still searching for Elvis, the ones who swear the moon landing was actually filmed on a Hollywood sound stage, and the few who have little doubt there was second gunman on the grassy knoll in Dallas. We'll see if any of us are around on Sunday. But, just in case, I may just polish off a box of Whitman Samplers this afternoon. After all, I would not want to miss a chance enjoying that sin, should we all perish.

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