Monday, May 9, 2011

She Swims, She Flies

When I got back home from my trip out West I was curious to see what new tricks little Ellie had learned. Just last week she had become Ester Williams in our Airedale's water bowl. One afternoon I heard her yapping, with glee - I might add, and I looked out the window to find her soaking wet, frolicking in the water bowl as if it were her own personal pool (albeit only 5 inches deep, but hey when you are only 8 inches tall you don't need much).

If I thought her aquatic maneuvers were entertaining (actually, they lost most of the "fun factor" when I had to towel dry a dripping wet terrier every time she came back in) little did I know she was just getting started. By the time I got home Friday night I learned that she could fly.

We have dog gates throughout the house to "contain" the pups to the den and the kitchen. They are only 15 inches tall. Yes, that only comes to Thatcher's knees but I always said she rides the short bus, bless her heart. But I digress. But in addition to Thatcher, the gates are sturdy and tall enough to contain our Scottie and Ellie- we thought.

Last week, while I was gone Ellie learned that one doesn't need to be encumbered by fences, just sail over them. I was walking down the hall only to see Ellie take the hall fence with all the grace of a seasoned steeple chaser. And, "we" don't stop and 'hop' over the gate. Oh no, we gracefully clear it by a good 2 feet on either side.

Thatcher meanwhile is standing there, looking over the barrier (that comes up to her knees) and I can see the confusion in her mind: "How did she do that?" Maggie of course is sitting there protecting her zone and thinking to herself, "Show off. If I just had opposable thumbs, I could open the damn little dog door that is built in the gate." At that point Ellie enters Maggie's "force field" and is given a low growl of warning.

Once again Maggie looks up at me with her brown eyes pleading, "She can go home how. Could you please call whoever left her here and tell them that she is ready to be picked up." Should I break the news to Maggie now that not only is Ellie here to stay, but we have a new addition coming in June? Probably not. Best not to give her more time to plot.

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