Monday, June 6, 2011

Bundle of Puppy Joy

My Daddy used to say,"When you're up to your ass in alligators, it's hard to remember the goal was to drain the swap." 

We have always had pets (more than most sane folks) - dogs, cats, tropical fish, chinchillas, tortoises, etc. I get asked often, "How did your husband get started with this? (as in the menagerie)?" My answer is very simple - He never grew up. 

We have aged (gracefully?) along with our last two dogs. And, we had established a very calm, copacetic lifestyle. When I brought Ellie into the equation, the boat was gently rocked, but we handled it. She quickly blended in and life went on. Then came Abby (yes, she finally has a name) and not only are the seas extremely rough, I'm not sure, but the boat may be taking on water.

After the first night or two, Ellie slept through the night. At five months, she is about full grown (at a nice compact size.) She either plays quietly in my office while I work or romps in the back yard with the big dogs. Trust me, our life has not been the same since she came, but we all settled in fairlly quickly.

Then came Abby, bless her heart,  a six week old puppy thrown into our zoo, so wobbly she has been known to fall on her nose as she exits her crate in the morning. And, we are on a two hour "potty" schedule with her. (Much worse than either of my girls.) And, I say "we" - I did not have anything to do with this bundle of puppy joy, but am on the care and maintenance staff. And, she is high maintenance. Ellie's arrival was nothing compared to this. We had to puppy-proof the house. Everything remotely "chew-able" had to be removed to safe location. There are rags and rolls of paper towels located strategically to quickly clean up any little "accidents" that may occur. Luckily, at her current size, the gates are still effective.

Her crate and Ellie's are side by side. Unlike, Ellie, who has an automatic programmed feeder, Abby is fed in her crate. One morning, I put Abby's food in her bowl in the kitchen and was carrying it to her crate. She was jumping around in anticipation. She stood there at the door of her crate, and watched as I placed the bowl inside. I backed off. My fears we realized when she hopped in Ellie's crate and could not figure out how to get to her food.  Oh, dear God, bless her heart, another one for the short bus. 

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