Monday, June 27, 2011

Dollar Stores

My mother has a fascination for Dollar Stores that I have mentioned before. However, I do not think I truly understood the depth of her affliction until we were at the beach and she started rattling off "Dollar Store" stories. Including, the afternoon she and her best friend were so bored they launched an expedition to visit every Dollar Store in the county before supper. (Of course, this was also the generation that thought cramming as many people as possible into a phone booth was entertaining.)

I was driving her, her college roommate (from 58 years ago), and her daughter to John's Island to tour some sights of the Low Country. We had the general conversation in the car: how lovely the live oaks trees were with the Spanish Moss, how all the Yankee traffic had changed the area, the beautiful plantation houses (of course each time we passed one, Mama had to remind us that she and her (now departed) sister had had the pleasure of touring them years ago - something few privileged souls get to do.)

On our way back to the beach, my mother commented, "You know, I haven't seen a Dollar Store any where down here." I was just getting ready to politely say that was a good thing, when her roommate commented, "I have been looking for one also, and I haven't seen one. You'd think there would be one down here." I held my tongue. With all the encroaching blight in the area, the last thing I wanted to see was a Dollar Store. Then my mother and her roommate launched into this long discussion about all the Dollar Stores close to their homes and how they shopped there. 

Then the conversation digressed into a deep comparison of the different types of Dollar Stores. Who knew? (Who cared?). And, oh, they have their differences. What really concerned me was how educated my mother was in the world of Dollar Stores. And, it must be a generational fascination, because her roommate shared the same excitement. Her daughter and I just quietly listened in amusement as the two waxed on about locations, stock, and prices. (I learned that some Dollar Stores charged more than a dollar - these did not score well.) Consumer Reports is missing out on two limited area two experts here. 

About that time we passed a Dollar Store on the highway. My mother's roommate's daughter commented, "Well, the continuity of civilization is now guaranteed. We can all sleep well tonight.

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