Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Little Reflection

I am still trying to work out some of the "kinks" in my website. In doing so, I have been visiting some other photography sites. There are two things I have learned, (1) web site design, no matter what anyone says, should be done by a professional, and (2) I am way out of my league. After looking at the phenomenal work of these other "artists", I have no business what-so-ever marketing my work. Either I am fooling myself or trying to market to fools.

Their work is perfect - true works of art. I might as well pull out that box of 32 Crayola crayons and crawl back on the porch. (No I am not even in the 64 color league). Talk about a buzz kill. These photographers have crisp pictures of rare birds in flight, captured the bright colors of the monks in Tibet, sunrises over the Great Wall of China, the glow of lava flows in Hawaii, and the wilder beasts migrating on the plains of Africa. They have traveled the world, invested in tens of thousands of dollars of equipment, and mastered Photoshop.  

But, upon reflection, (no pun intended) I don't have to be a birder, or a world traveler to exotic places (although I yearn to be), have no desire to spend money on equipment that is so heavy I have to have support to use it and special cases to carry it in, or rely on Photoshop. When you have captured the evening light on the Ashley river:

the morning dew on a rose bud:

or sunrise on a Florida beach:

maybe you don't need to stay on the porch after all.


Lynn said...

You are exctly right! Yours are exquisite!

AC said...

Thanks Lynn, I really appreciate your support.