Monday, June 13, 2011

Viral Gossip

Meanwhile back at the Market (where my photos are being offered for sale). I called my mother to let her know I had leased space and had some of my work displayed there for sale (less - God forbid someone else tell her first.) "I think that is just a great idea. Where are they?" "My photos?" "Yes, in what part of the market?" "Oh, right up front when you first come in the door." "That's a wonderful location." "All the paintings and such are displayed up over the booths." "Up over the booths? I hope not too high up." I just can't win!

"Well, I just think it is great that you might finally make some money out of this hobby. You know you have spent a lot of money on it." "Not really, Mama. Once you've bought the camera, the main investment is your time." "Well, whatever." (Her way of saying, 'I'm right, and I know it, whether you agree with me or not. case closed.)

"I've got bridge this afternoon, otherwise I would stop by and see what it looks like." That was the method in my madness of calling her - telling her automatically spread the word to her four bridge clubs and from there it would go viral. I could not ask for better free advertisement among people with time on their hands, money in their pockets, lots of curiosity, and a propensity to spread their opinion on any subject whether you cared about it or not. The way I figured it, by Saturday, after her fourth bridge club, her demographic in the county would be covered, then by Sunday lunch it would spread down one generation.

An encounter in the grocery store later that week, proved my point. A friend of mine commented over the fresh sweet corn, "Mama tells me you are into photography now . . . and have won all these national awards." Of course, then my mother has been known to exaggerate a bit. In full disclosure, I felt I best confess and at least try to curb whatever nonsense she was saying. "Well, I do enjoy photography, and do have some pieces for sale at the Market, but as for 'National Awards' a photo of the day is the closest I have come and I don't think that qualifies.

Next time I best stick to Twitter.


Sam said...

I think a photo of the day is pretty impressive. You can totally use it in advertising: "As seen on CNN."

AC said...

Hadn't thought of thought of that one. Thanks Sam!!