Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yes, They're Mine

You have to start somewhere right? (If and) when I get well known, I'll have great tales to tell about getting started selling my photos. And, if I never sell my photos, by then I may just have enough fodder to write a book. Saturday morning, I'm at the Market adding some missing labels to a few photographs, hanging a business card holder and the like. A nice lady comes over and and says, "So you're the one making all the noise." "Yes, that's me. And, I'm not being too good at it either," I said holding up my hammer."I think I best stick to photography."

"You took all these? They're yours?" she asked pointing to the wall of photos behind me. "Yes, these are mine." "They're pretty. We're gonna have a busy day today." She said moving on. "It's Saturday. We're always busy on Saturday." With that she walked off before I could introduce myself. No doubt she would identify me to the other merchants as that 'snoddy photographer who doesn't visit.' Great.

I look around. There is a fan blowing on the large booth across from me that is set up like a living room with everything from a ceramic giraffe to indoor water fountain (that is running) to a myriad of dustables (gee gaws of various designs) - all with small white tags tied to each item. The gentle breeze is causing each tag to flutter making the whole scene look like an eye catching yard sale in some Victorian living room. 

To my right is a booth that specializes in ladies hats - as in Sunday go to meeting hats. There are hats of every size, shape, color, and description, all used and most never to be worn again. As I stood there this very old matronly lady was directing Bert, the manager of the Market, to pull different hats down off the wall for her to try on. Across from the aisle from the hat store is a homemade candle booth with quilted pot holders and such. 

After much deliberation, the lady decided to purchase an orange straw hat and a white hat that looks like something between that a jester and the Queen Mother would wear. The lady swears she had the red version of this hat at home. Who knew? 

When he finished assisting the lady and she left, the proud owner of the two hats, I handed Bert an updated inventory sheet and we discussed the gallery and some possible future changes. He then commented, "Now this is not coming from me, but this lady was in this week and I think she would have bought this picture," (he pointed to one of the two largest I had displayed) "but she didn't care for this." And, he pointed to my watermark (my signature) in the corner. "Well, I can print another copy and reframe it. In fact any of these can be redone in a larger or smaller size,  with a different color mat, whatever." "How long would it take, two weeks?" "Or less." "Really?" "Bert, this is all my work. I own it, I can redo it as I please." "Well, that's good to know."

What am  missing here? There is a reason my name and copyright is on my work. Yes, they're mine - but I want to make them some one else's - for a price. 

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