Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You know? Uh, No.

These are the phrases of the day:

  •  . . . and so forth and so on
  •  . . . and what have you
  •  . . . you know
To be honest, I don't. My mother has this new habit of never competing her sentences, which is mildly annoying. Not only do the tales get taller, but they are never finished. So I have developed a habit (which annoys her) of responding with, "No, I don't know", or "What do you have?" After some sputtering on her part, she will give me this "How dare you question me?" look. But I hold pat. After some more sputtering on her part, there is a standoff, and she wins with the "I'm your mother and I said so" card.

I'll never know the rest of the story.

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