Saturday, July 23, 2011

Anything but Lycra

I hope who ever developed Lycra understands the impact he or she has inflicted on our cvilization. Only super models like Heidi Klum and Kate Moss (and they would never be caught dead in it) should ever wear this skin clinging fabric. There is this miscaonception that it "contains" one's (perhaps larger) body and makes one look more shapely. Another fallacy is that if one purchases a size or two smaller, one will appear more petite. Wrong! Two tons of fertilizer do not fit in a one ton truck.

I was people watching in the airport and swear there should be mirrors by all the moving sidewalks., just in case folks failed to view the ones in their house as they exited in the morning. One woman had on a white Lycra top that was so tight not only could one could I see all of her "love" rolls as she walked past, I could see the topographic landscape of her torso, including every bump, beauty mark, and scar. One thing I will say, the seams had to be industrial strength, because they were holding tight. If I ever wondered what marshmallow fluff tightly wrapped in saran film rolling down the concourse looked like, now I knew.

These folks must not realize what they look like when they leave the house. But then again, the way they act, I don't think this is an issue with them. What they fail to realize is, it is an issue with the rest of us.

Until I can figure out how to get my Food Saver to vacuum seal my rear end down two sizes, I'll stay in regular clothes, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Ann - I found your blog the other day via kindlereports. I prefer to read blogs online on my pc because the kindle version doesn't allow making or reading comments.

Anyway - just wanted to let you know this was the first article I read, only a few days after succumbing to the marketing of a control-paneled blouse. (I'll be able to wear it under a couple of sheer tunics.) After having bought & been amused/frustrated by similar items in the past. I always feel like (& know I look like) a stuffed sausage in these items; no way I can wear them all day at work, which is the reality of my life. Maybe if I'd tried them back in my 20's.

I've been enjoying reading back through the archives & reading a kindred spirit's musings!


AC said...

Thank you for reading. Welcome to my world.