Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's All About Being "Liked"

In starting to market and sell my photography with my website and gallery, my oldest daughter suggested that I really needed to use Facebook. I am not a big fan of Facebook for two reasons - 1, I really don't want to know that Mary just sent John out to mow the grass and 2, there are serious privacy and security issues with it. And, I wanted to know how I was going to market my pictures through Facebook, Post "See this, Buy it"? However, I was quickly given a lesson in marketing on Facebook and introduced to a world I never knew existed.

And, it is a complicated world. First, she had to show me how to set-up a separate "Page" that has nothing to do with my personal site. After going through all the settings and inputting who I was, what I was marketing, uploading photos (of my photos), and answering (what seemed like) 15 million questions about when I wanted to know who was doing what on my page, I thought I was ready. But, oh no. It had just started.

"Now, you have to get your friends to like you," my daughter explained. "I think most of my friends do like me, otherwise they would not be my friends. Trust me they don't hang around for my looks or money." "No, 'Like' you, as in enter the thumbs up 'Like' button on your page." For security purposes I had locked this down on my personal page so that no one could "Like" any of the very few posts I made and I never "Liked" anything anyone else did because I did not want it to be linked to me. In this respect, I was downright unfriendly. Guess that had to change. Oh, how we will sell our souls in the name of commerce.

"Go on," I asked daughter to further enlighten me. "First, you need to 'Like' your page yourself, that will start the ball rolling. Then send it to all your friends." After doing all that, my new page had two "Likes" within five minutes or so. However, given that after forty eight hours (I have two hundred or so friends) there are a total of eleven "Likes", not only is this discouraging, this is down right embarrassing. It's like throwing a party and nobody shows up.

Patience Grasshopper. I have learned it's not enough to love someone, you need to "Like" them.

Light and Landscape on Facebook

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