Friday, July 29, 2011

Our Hot's Hotter than Their Hot

I've been in Arizona too long. Someone commented that it was only going to be 108 today and it never phased me. I go in and out of buildings, walk down the street to lunch, even comment how nice it feels when we emerge into the "warmth" after being in a cold building all morning. It must be something in the water. A friend of mine commented, "Once it hits the triple digits, what difference does it make?"

When I tell someone from back home that the forecast for tomorrow is 113 but that is much cooler than the record of 123, it seems surreal. In full disclosure, I have only experienced 115 and it was pretty hot. Even the locals were commenting about the heat. Of course they don't have the humidity out here. So it is a "dry heat". Well, the oven in my kitchen is dry heat but I have no desire to live in it. I fear returning to the humid heat of the south is going to be cruel.

So when I leave the hotel tomorrow morning at the 3:30 to catch my flight home (yes, I am have an insane scheduled flight at 5:30 am AZ time) I will be leaving the dry heat and going to "cooler" climes. But of course, "cooler" is a relative term. As long as no one starts throwing that "heat index" number around I'll be fine. When the thermometer says 96, why make it worse by crying, "But, Lord the heat index is 103." All I can tell you is that it is hot as Hell.

In fact, I can assure you, the heat back home will take a toll on me unlike this has. No one out here talks about a "heat index". When I grew up, no one ever said anything about a "heat index". It was just warm, hot, or darn hot. I imagine the heat didn't bother us much when we just looked at the thermometer and did not have to use this new fangled formula to come up with a misery index. Spare me the misery. If it's hot, it's hot. If I'm miserable, I'm miserable. I don't need some scientific formula to tell me how hot I am.

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