Monday, July 18, 2011

This Time it Should Work

Saturday evening we attended a BBQ wedding reception for some friends of ours. The wedding had been a small informal affair that had taken place earlier in the day. We had already seen pictures of the nuptials on Facebook. Somehow, contrary to a generation, civilization did live without Facebook - and survive. Imagine that. But I digress.

The weather was unseasonably cool, in fact so much so that we enjoyed the early evening affair outside very comfortably, something I cannot remember doing this time of year in ages. I congratulated the bride, who looked radiant (as all brides should). Her response was, "Well, it's going to be a 'weekend' marriage, so this will be something new."

"Something new" refers to the fact that this is the bride's third marriage and the groom had been married five times before. Cindy, the bride, is an extremely fun loving teacher who does not show her age of sixty-something. After her second divorce, she sold her house and moved back in with her parents. When her father died, her mother wanted to move to an assisted living facility. Cindy took it all in stride and moved with her.

She continues to teach and have an active social life, albeit off the assisted living campus. Her activities don't always fall in line with the rules and restrictions of the facility. Her new husband plans to keep his job and home in a city about 45 minutes away. So Cindy's plan is to stay with her mother, teach during the week and spend the weekends with her new husband. They seem happy and whatever works, works. Hopefully after 7 marriages between them under their belts, maybe they've figured it out.

On the way home, my daughter commented, "Did you know the wedding was at 9:30 this morning?" "No, that's an odd time." 'Well, Cindy and Eddie figured out, given all their prior weddings, that was the only time slot neither of them had gotten married , so maybe if they planned the ceremony at that time this marriage would work." Well, if nothing else, you got to give them credit for trying to get it right this time.

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