Thursday, July 7, 2011

Who Me?

I was busy working at my desk and out of the corner of my eye, I caught Ellie's tail as she quietly walked by my door. I thought nothing of it and continued. Ten or so minutes later, I heard the faint rustle of paper. Now, my curiosity was peaked. I silently went to the door and looked around the corner. Sure enough, there she was finishing off the German Chocolate icing on a brownie (the paper that gave her away carefully unwrapped around her). She quickly looked up at me. 

Even she knows that Abby is no where near to take the blame. Poor Abby hasn't figured out that, she too, can jump over the gate, so she just stands, paws on top, and watches Ellie have all the fun.

Obviously, Ellie had been in my carry on bag that I failed to up-pack from the night before. Full disclosure - I had wrapped a half eaten brownie and never finished it. I moved the bag out of her reach, much to her displeasure. And, I returned to work. 

I noticed Ellie wasn't napping as usual on the floor by my desk but as long as she was quiet I wasn't going to chase her down. I had better things to do. When I got up to get a fresh Diet Coke (with lime) I almost tripped over one of my shoes in the hall. I didn't remember leaving that there. (Note to self - remember to pick up your clothes.) I returned to my office to find Ellie innocently asleep in her regular place. She looked so angelic curled up next to the book case. How could anyone call this breed demonic and conniving? (The breed standard historically used the word "Demon" in its description of these little dears.)

Before long, there was a commotion in the hall and I found another shoe half way through the gate with Abby on the other side pulling on it. By the time I got to the fray, Ellie was sitting back looking up at me with this, "I told her not to play with your shoes," total innocent look on her face. Abby, of course, was clueless that she had taken the fall. I send both of them out, fresh air would do them good. 

However, Ellie cannot blame Abby when that night  I found my suitcase "unpacked" and clothes strewn across the floor. I looked down the hall,  Ellie quickly dropped the small leather case she had in her mouth, with a "Who me?" look. Perhaps "Demon" should not have been removed and "Petty Thief" added. Perhaps, I hadn't misplaced that camera bag after all. The question was, where had it been "placed" for me?

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