Monday, November 21, 2011

All We Want is a Happy Christmas

It is time to solicit the annual "Christmas List" from our youngest daughter (complete with url links to ensure we 'get it right').  God forbid we deviate and give a gift of love or joy. You know something thoughtful we saw, and thought "that really looks like something special she would enjoy." And why's that you ask? Because according to her (1) we don't have a clue what she wants, (2) we would never get it right, and (3) even if we tried, we don't have the sophisticated taste to select something she would appreciate. So there.

And, oh the ramifications should we try. It is not pretty. The peace and joy of our family Christmas morning lies alone with her. History bares this out, trust me. Every Christmas morning we all sit, with bated breath watching her chair, as if she were some kind of oracle. If she were to smile (God forbid) then the heavens would open and angels would sing "Hallelujah". Joy and happiness would spread throughout our den and there may be a chance for peace on earth. More likely, we hear a gruff, "I hope you kept the receipts."

When will we finally learn that we cannot make her happy? After all she is "special" and the rest of us peons have no appreciation of how life should be. She is a dream for Madison  Avenue. Personally, I can do without Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and Chanel. Personally, I'd settle for peace in our den on Christmas morning and a happy child without our having to participate in commercial pandering.

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