Friday, December 23, 2011

The Dirth of Motorized Shopping Carts

This may sound like a "Bah Humbug" comment but so be it.

I was in Wal-Mart early this morning with my (hopefully) last grocery list before Christmas, trying to beat the crowd with 527 other ambitious folks having the same idea. Everyone seemed to be friendly, even festive. Life was merry until I was almost run down on the baking aisle by a woman in one of those motorized shopping carts. And, then to add insult to (almost) injury, she commented that I needed to move.

Now given that I am always very careful to keep my buggy on the right side of the aisle. And, when the aisle is crowded, try to stay as close to the shelves as possible, I did not take her accusation well.

It is my understanding that these carts are provided as a service by the merchant to give adults with mobility challenges the ability to have access to their stores - to shop freely. However, I take issue when they take this service as a license to intimate. The "drivers" I deal with have this idea that with the cart comes the God given right to control access to the aisle. All other shoppers are to move - immediately. These motorized carts must have a force field that require an additional two feet on either side.

And, while I am venting, are you required to weigh at least 250 pounds to drive one of these carts? At least in our town you must be. I have never a "driver" weighing less. I definitely am in favor of the merchants providing these carts for those in need. However, I think one should have to apply for and  pass a test for a "Motorized Shopping Cart" driver's permit and also a course in general manners.

OK, I've vented. To anyone I have offended I apologize. Meanwhile, does anyone know how to get tire marks off the side of one's pants?

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