Monday, December 19, 2011

Staying Ahead of the Pups

If someone walked into my den this morning they would come to one of two conclusions, either we are running a dog rescue or we are trying very hard to get our own reality television program - neither of which are the case. However, we are greatly outnumbered, even when all the humans are home, and I'm not going as far as to say we are maintaining control.

Sullivan, our daughter's Cocker, who spent last Christmas crouched in fear under the coffee table has come out of his shell and this year has joined the fray. And, Ellie has decided, as the only male, Sullivan needs to be her best friend. Her tactic is to stay in his face with her little bobbed tail whirling in a fast blur. Sally, our daughter's Golden, loves being here, like being at the grandparents, she knows the rules are not as strict and the treats are generous. This being Abby's first Christmas with house guests, she thinks it's one grand party. Thatcher, as the elder of the bunch, just takes it all in stride.

Of course just like having four year old children, they all want to play with the same toy.   Everyone wants to sleep in the everyone else's beds.  And, that's fine until it's bed time and Sullivan and Sally want to snuggle in their own place. They are very thankful that Ellie and Abby have their crates, so there is peace at night.

And then there are the culinary issues -  we have five pups on four different diets so meal time is always fun. "Why does she have more than I do?" (Because the people at Blue Buffalo said so.) "I don't get to eat in the kitchen, why does he get to?" (Because he is your guest and you need to be nice.) "I'm through eating and ready to go out now - right now." (We need to wait until everyone is finished before we go out.)

Life is good as long as the natives are not too restless. However, I don't know if we  have the forces to stay off a coup.


Barbara said...

I like how you know what the dogs are saying!

AC said...

It was an educated guess. But given our experience with this crew - I feel fairly accurate. And, if you were there you would have most likely agreed.