Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The last time I got a note that said something like this: Who do you think you are? … You parade around the [playground] … You need to take it down a notch", I was in 6th grade and the threat was from a girl in the third row named Permelia Sharp. (A red head I did not want to cross from a rough little town .)  And, I was clueless why I was being singled out by her. More unfortunately, I opened it just as Miss Hungerpeller walked down the aisle.

My story did not hold water with Miss Hungerpeller. She was most enthused with her SC History class (and given she was a former WAC from WWII, she had an air of authority) and failed to understand why the 11 year olds assigned to her classes did not share that enthusiasm. I was immediately sent out of her class to stand in the hall - a fate similar to being led to the stocks on the town square to stand in humiliation in front of God and everyone (or at least every teacher and administrator that passed during that time.) 

And, I never had any recourse. In 7th grade, the FBI Note Squad was not an option I was aware of. But, then I don't think those threats merited a federal investigation. Even at 11 I knew this was  not a threat of national terrorism. "Take it down a notch" - seriously? 

After watching CNN over the past several days, I now know I missed my 15 minutes of fame. In 1972, I possibly could  have toppled a WWII local heroin and maybe even brought down the Board of Trustees. All because Permelia Sharp thought I was moving in on Billy Cartwright.


Linda Medrano said...

Ann, you were an adorable little hussy. This Jill girl, not so much.

Ann Currie said...

This Jill girl has snakes in her head. I, at 11, was living in fear that a red neck girl was going to take me out at recess because she thought I liked her boy friend. But, then, I had to stand in the hall and Permelia walked away scott free, while Jill, so far, has brought down the head of the CIA, perhaps another 4 star general and God knows who else.