Friday, December 21, 2012

Are We Still Here?

Well, I guess we survived if you are still reading this. The Mayans predicted long ago that the world would end today 12-21-12. The world breathed a collective sigh of relief when the Vatican's Astronomer issued a statement last week that there was no evidence that that would happen this year. I took solace in that until I remembered that just a while back the Pope himself wrote that the Christ child was born several years earlier than it was recorded. (This was among other things such as Jesus wasn't born in a stable, therefore there was no manger, the story of magi was totally misconstrued, and the angle did not sing from above. But, I digress.)

If Christ was born several years earlier that makes AD (in the year of our Lord) incorrect. Which means that    we must adjust our dates as much as +2 to +7. Now given this news, are we living in 2012, 2014, or maybe even 2019? (If so, I must say I look quite fetching for a 60 year old - but then, once again, I digress.) 

My point is, we may have already passed doomsday and were ignorant of the impending doom. In this case, ignorance is clearly bliss. We were spared the believers running around like chickens with their heads cut off talking about the sky falling and such. We just went silently into the evening, and miraculously awoke the next morning, never aware of what we missed.

But more importantly, back to the Pontiff's revelations. How will the church ladies redo the annual Christmas pageant next year? If Mary and Joseph were turned away from the Inn and there was no stable, then where did the birth occur? In the local market (aka Isaiah's 5&10) ? And, if there was no angel and the magi were in question, what will the children do who were assigned those parts. Oh dear, what about the little girl who has been promised that she, too, would be able to wear the white robe, wings, and sit upon the ladder above the entire cast and sing. And, now her dreams are dashed. The magi, the three wise men - gone. That eliminates three good male parts from the scene. Oh, the humanity! 

Alas, the world will go on until we reach the next predicted Armageddon. And, once again we see if we cross the river Stix. Meanwhile, I think the more important issue at hand is does anyone really know what year it is? 


Linda Medrano said...

Ann, Ann, Ann. Religion is based on a series of stories, some even well told. I am not religious, but I understand those who are. If they take comfort in their beliefs, that's marvelous. I find science to be every bit as elegant as religion and i take comfort in it. Who cares what year it really is! Happy holidays to you and yours!

Barbara said...

Oh the humanity!