Monday, December 31, 2012

Closing on Mama's House

The older couple who bought my mother's house were very enthusiastic buyers, to say the least. When I say older, they are in their eighties and had expressed an interest in the house since the day after my mama died. They had plenty of time to consider their purchase. 

Once we had decided that we were definitely selling the house and it looked like we were going to be granted permission from the court (thanks to my mother's sense of humor in not leaving a will), I gave them a key so they could come in any time they wanted to and measure or whatever in regards to their purchase.

And, they did. It seemed like every time I was over there they were just leaving or they came before I left. And, if they had a question, they did not hesitate to call me. The wife was so excited, they had measured for granite counter tops and were going to get new appliances, black ones, like she had always wanted. In fact we had to make sure that the contract for sale was signed before those appliances went off a special sale Lowes was having. And, we did. All was well with the world.

I was exhausted from trying to deal with Mama's 1200 square feet of "prized" belongings. And, since she had moved several times since her divorce, she had shed a significant amount of baggage - thank God. This couple were moving out of a very large country home. The one they had lived in since they were married. I could not imagine. I think the wife was a little over whelmed. They had sold many pieces of family furniture, given appliances and furnishings to local churches and charities but they still had many years worth of belongings to deal with. 

I got calls with questions about the heat pump. I didn't have a clue. All I knew was my mother was a stickler for maintenance and never complained about it. And, the hot water heater, it was electric. They were used to gas. Not much I could do about that. I had promised that a plumber was coming to fix the commode in the front bathroom that continued to run,  a replacement window had been ordered for the broken one in the front bedroom, and the missing knob in the kitchen had been replaced.

As we sat in the attorney's office waiting for the closing, it dawned on me we had not discussed the washer and dryer. They had asked about it going with the house and I had agreed. So I brought it up. "Now, I know you wanted that washer and dryer. I have never used it so I cannot attest that it works. So what it is, it is. I hope you understand that." They just smiled and the wife replied, "Don't you worry about that. I've already washed a load of clothes and dried them. It works perfectly fine."  Why was I not surprised? 

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Linda Medrano said...

They've probably tried out the stove too, Ann. Well, good for them. I'm glad the house is going to people who really love it.