Saturday, December 29, 2012

Off We Go

Wedding Planning

First stop - Venue Shopping 

No, we are not going to buy the plantation, just look at it as a site for the nuptials. However, for the budget that keeps expanding like the waistline of  a woman expecting twins, we could put a right sizable down payment on it. A small intimate affair must describe something, but other than the guest list, I haven't found it in the planning. But, I digress. 

And, naturally it is raining . . .and cold . . . very cold for down here. That puts everyone in the spirit to imagine a lovely lawn, under the oaks draped with moss, on a sea island in the spring. Well, I hope we all have our imagination caps on. And, if this turns out to be "the place" then a deposit must be put down ASAP because God knows how many brides to be received engagement rings last week and they, too, are busy looking at possible sites. 

The race is on. In my mind I picture the old movie, It's a Mad Mad World. This could get messy. Perhaps I am in the wrong business, if only I had a 300 year old plantation on a tidal creek in the low country of South Carolina. Then I, too, could provide brides with their dream venue for a small fortune fee. Oh, should we all dream.


Linda Medrano said...

If I get married again, I'm hoping you will be my wedding consultant.

Ann Currie said...

Don't speak so fast. The fat lady hasn't sang. In fact, she isn't even warming up. However, she is looking for a dress. Stay tuned.