Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Trailer Parks Attract Tornadoes

It never ceases to amaze me that any time a bad storm hits a location in the deep south, news crews are drawn to red necks just like tornadoes are attracted by trailer parks. This morning was a prime example. CNN was interviewing a fine citizen of Alabama, "Well, sir, I seen it com'n. It was a big one. You know it sounded like a freight train. Everyone says that's what it sounds like and by God I thought it was coming right through my livin' room. All I could do was grab Earlene. Next thing I knew the only thing left of our house was the concrete stairs and my Barcalounger." "Were there storm warnings in this area?" "Don't know, I just heard the freight train."

Then they cut to their second interview. I did not catch her name, but two of her front teeth were missing. Her description of the heroing experience included the sound of a freight train and tales of flying roofs and walls. "I just prayed to God. It was just awful.

Oh, we heard from the Mayors and Emergency Preparedness Officials, however, Alabama is chocked full of fine articulate citizens and these are the only two CNN could find to interview? Really? 

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Linda Medrano said...

Ann, I've been to Alabama. I've also been to Linda, California. Neither place is chock full of people with teeth and you know it.