Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Venues - The perfect place

On the great list of details there is the venue.  My daughter wants to get married in the South Carolina Low Country. Unfortunately, so do a majority of the brides in the country. According to the latest polls, Charleston is the number one wedding destination. This has not only priced these venues out of the roof, but brides often have to reserve locations a  year in advance. And, many are finding they have to set their dates on Thursdays, Fridays, or Sundays. 

Personally, I think local brides should trump carpetbaggers coming in. It has gotten so bad local brides cannot find places to get married. Town and Country and other "haute" magazines are filled with pictures of lovely weddings being held at breath taking locations in the South Carolina Low Country only making the situation worse. But, I digress.

Given most brides are trying to find places a year in advance, when my daughter told me she wanted to get married in April - of this year - in the Low Country  - on a specific Saturday, I panicked. Of course, she had a particular location. OK, let's be specific. Why not make this a blood sport? 

In all fairness, the location is a plantation on Edisto Island that has been in the family of one of Mama's dearest friends since the 1700's. The setting is gorgeous, old oak trees, moss, sweeping lawns, with views of the marsh, and the old stately family mansion. And, they rent the place out as a venue for weddings.

I had no problem calling Mama's friend, but I knew as much as she loved me, she was not going to boot some bride because my daughter had her heart set on that venue. Long story short, I called her and explained  my plight. She referred me to her sister-in-law who handles the weddings. I called her next. Naturally, she only had dates available in May and June (and I was most surprised they were in 2013). But, she insisted the bride come visit the property before she would save the date. 

However, while I was on the phone with Mama's friend, she told me, if Linda (her sister-in-law) did not have anything available, she did have a dear friend who may be able to help. She gave me her number and told me to feel free to tell her she had referred me. So I made that call. There is a god - the date in April was available and their venue was as lovely. (I had looked it up online as I was talking with her.) This could work out. Of course, that is if some blood sucking Yankee dog bride to be doesn't show up first and get the date before my daughter does. Not that I would speak ill of another bride. But, there is always that most recent unpleasantness we find hard to forget.  

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Linda Medrano said...

OMG! "blood sucking Yankee dog bride"! I love that!