Monday, January 28, 2013

I'll Never Know

Several years ago I developed a bad habit of listening to Sirius radio at night. I have a pillow speaker. (If you're unfamiliar with such, it is a small disc like object that slips between one's pillow and pillow case, allowing one to listen to the radio or their iPad without disturbing anyone else.) I keep the volume very low, so low if I move my head just two or three inches I cannot hear it. 

I find that I wake up during the night and just having something to listen to will lull me back to sleep, a much better alternative to lying there trying to solve all the problems of the world. Usually, I listen to CNN, BBC, CNBC or HLN. I know, who in the Hell wants to go to sleep listening to the "restful" sounds of pundits rattling on about the miserable news of our world, politics, and other incorrigible chatter. Well, in my defense, in the wee hours of the morning, especially on the weekends, there are bios of successful business people, true mystery- detective accounts, and in depth background stories of the day's news.

I realized this morning that my periods of being awake might be more frequent than I wish but they obviously don't last that long. As I was going to sleep I was listening to a story about a serial killer in Yonkers (just the thing for peaceful dreams right?). The next thing I knew the story line concerned a second wife in Phoenix, two step children, and a questionable will. What seemed like a minute or so later, Clark Howard was advising a lady to be weary of an offer of  four $69 airline tickets before she read the small print. 

When I awoke I wasn't so concerned about the number of times I was waking up but the main questions at hand: did they find the serial killer, did the father really intend to write his children out of his Will, and how did Clark Howard politely tell that lady she was an idiot? 

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