Friday, January 4, 2013

It isn't Like it Was, If it ever Was Like That Anyway

I am tiring of a friend of mine complaining about our fair town not being progressive, the population being full of red necks, and the school system going to Hell. My suggestion to her was to move. Her response, "Why I can't do that. My family has lived here for generations.

Life here is not as romantic as the novels make it out to be. To most of us reality set in years ago. But, there are those, my friend included, who just want to stay on the plantation.  Not that she ever lived on one, her family ever had one, or I doubt, she has ever been on one. But, I digress.

This weekend, our town hosts the annual Grand American Coon Hunt. No doubt an event that really puts a bee in her bonnet. Whatever she thinks, it is a financial boost to our economy. And with that commerce comes hundreds of good ol' boys, their pick-up trucks, and their dogs. It is a package deal.

And, just as I thought, she called. "Oh, God. I forgot what weekend it was. I always plan to be out of town when all this is going on." "It's not that bad. I think it's entertaining." "Entertaining? It's ridiculous. Any everybody in the world laughs at us about it." "Let them laugh," I answered. Then she sighed, "I just wish it was like it was way back when."

Before I could stop myself, I replied, "Well, Miss Scarlett, I hate to tell you but the War is over, we lost, and the drapes don't fit."


Linda Medrano said...

Honey, are the good old boys hunting for racoons?

AC said...

Oh, they hunted 'coons ok, all weekend. There were more pickup trucks, dog boxes, and howling dawgs than you can imagine.