Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hyde Park on the Hudson, a Movie Review

The President
The First Lady

The King

The Queen
The Mother
The Mistress

The above came straight off the movie poster that I had seen for months and peaked my interest. First this is a charming movie and after the dreariness of Les Mis, the visual stimulation of Cirque, and the angst of Silver Linings I appreciated just being able to enjoy a story. Unlike the 3 hour epics so popular these days, personally, I found the 94 minutes extremely fulfilling.

The story mainly takes place around the famous weekend that the King and Queen of England (the first English monarchs ever to come to America) visit the President while he is staying at his home at Hyde Park. Much ado is made about the royal visit. 

Bill Murray plays a human Roosevelt with Olivia Williams playing a believable Eleanor, which is an extremely hard role. But it is Laura Linney playing Daisy, the mistress in the story, whom the movie is really about. Murray has been nominated for a Golden Globe for his role.

After seeing The Kings Speech, and understanding more about the King's personality (especially his stutter) Samuel West plays (what should be) an award winning King George (Bertie) who's role has been sorely overlooked by the nomination gods.

Another aspect that bothers me is the portrayal of Elizabeth (the Queen Mum) as being prudish. In the biographies I have read about her that was anything but true. Maybe her daughter (the current Queen) but not her. A quote of hers from one of her biographies is a favorite of mine   "Wouldn't it be horrible if you'd spent all your life doing everything you were supposed to do, didn't drink, didn't smoke, didn't eat things, took lot's of exercise, all the things you didn't want to do, and suddenly one day you were run over by a big red bus, and as the wheels were crunching into you you'd say 'Oh my God, I could have got so drunk last night!' That's the way you should live your life, as if tomorrow you'll be run over by a big red bus." 

Yes, I recommend the movie.


Linda Medrano said...

I saw the trailer for this and it looks delightful.

Barbara said...

Love the quote from the Queen Mum! Can't you just see her saying that and laughing! I think being a British royal family member would be one of the most restrictive, horrible lives possible. Although all that money would be nice! Maybe Prince Harry takes his great-grandmum's philosophy to heart!

Ann Currie said...

The biography about her was great. She loved her gin and tonic and was a lot of fun. And, I dearly loved that quote. That was why I have kept it.