Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Hobbit and Django, Movie Reviews

Sometimes movies are like shoes in a window, they look great as you walk by, however when you try them on, they just don't quite fit. Last week, having seen everything worth seeing that was out, we were left with two choices: Django Unchained and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Both of us had found another alternative anytime either of those were suggested. But, the time had come. 

Given we are not Lord of the Rings fans, we did not know the lingo, and feared we would be lost in the prequel,  The Hobbit was out of our comfort zone. But, we had heard a lot about the movie so we went. About 35 minutes into the film my DH turned to me and said, "I don't think I can take another 2 hours of this." So we gathered our things and quietly exited the theater.

We were standing in the lobby of the multiplex looking at the marquis of shows to see if there were another we could "slip into" when one of the managers approached us. "Can I help you?" My DH answered (more candidly than I planned to), "Well, we just walked out of the Hobbit and were looking to see what else was playing that we could see." "Didn't like it, huh?" "No. Not my cup of tea." "Well you know when you don't like it." And, then she motioned for another manager to come over. "These folks just left The Hobbit, didn't care for it, and wanted to see something else."

By this time, I am thinking, what happened to just walking out of theater 11, walking down the hall and quietly going in number 3? I don't think we need a committee meeting. But the other manager came over and once again we explained the situation. Finally, after showing our tickets, as if the 1/2 gallon drinks we were holding were not enough to prove we had properly purchased tickets, the decision was made that we would see Django. It was only 10 minutes into the movie.

So down to number 3 we went, quietly slipped in, and settled back for 155 minutes of whatever. Fifteen minutes later we had witnessed four men being shot to death and two women being whipped. It made me wonder what I missed in the first 10 minutes, or not.

I'm not sure what genre Django is. There are some comedic lines, it tries to be a western, but it can easily be taken as a farce. The plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio) was cast as ridiculous character dressed like Col. Sanders in his white suit. Then there was a female slave who would have easily passed for Butterfly McQueen's character in GWTW. (I was waiting for her to say something like "Lawzy, we got to have a doctor. I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' babies".) 

And, it may have gotten better, it must have gotten better, given those yay whos in Hollywood have nominated it for so many awards. But I wouldn't know. Just as the two main characters were leaving their second scene of carnage, my DH and I also exited. 

So, I can say we started both films. I feel certain The Hobbit is an excellent film for those who worship the Lord of the Rings. Since, I am not of that following I cannot appreciate the tale. Django, on the other hand, (in the fifteen minutes we sat there) was everything that every review, positive and negative, had said about it. None of which I was willing to invest 165 155 minutes of life in.


Sue O. said...

I love that you walked out of two movies in one night! I just saw The Hobbit on Friday evening and I almost walked out, but kept hoping it would get better. It didn't. And I LOVE Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, including the films. For somebody who didn't love them, I'm impressed that you made it for 35 minutes.

Ann Currie said...

Life is too short to spend it watching a bad movie.