Thursday, February 7, 2013

Functional Flowers

The flowers are one item on "The List" that are still in flux. My daughter and I continue to look for unique ideas that are both formal yet compliment the Low Country atmosphere of the wedding. When I first spoke with Daryl, our flamboyant and very talented florist, he had some good ideas. I impressed upon him that there is a budget to keep his imagination within certain bounds. That usually just makes him more creative.

Then my daughter called with a new idea. At an event she had attended the night before she had seen table arrangements that she really liked. And, she said, not only were they unique, she did not think they would be that expensive. The arrangements were made around kale or cabbage (she wasn't sure which). She was sending me pictures I could share with Daryl.

I never thought about starting in the fruit and vegetable aisle when making a floral arrangement but my creativity has been known to run wild. (Like the year I put  Peacock feathers in the Christmas tree. My family still to this day does not appreciate the artistic flair there. But, I digress.) However, I know I need to make sure Daryl understands when I expressed my concern over our budget, he doesn't get the idea of dual functionality. I can see the arrangement arriving complete with radishes, carrots, cherry tomatoes, and  red onions designed to be placed on the salad table complete with serving forks and bowls.

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Linda Medrano said...

I've seen some gorgeous arrangements using artichokes, lemons and cala lillies, etc. Fun stuff!