Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hissy Fits

Sometimes you grow up hearing something and you always wonder - Just where did that come from? Down here, we don't care about the provenience, as long as we know what it means. My Aunty (Fode) used to always say (referring to her sister, my Granny (Mamie)), "Oh, she's just got her knickers in a knot." Which meant that once again Aunty had said something a little off color that had offended Granny. Aunty's sailor mouth off times went against my Granny's proper Presbyterian bearing. I would say upbringing, but seeing that they were sisters, that would make no sense.

If Granny's degree of aggravation was elevated, then she was "Having a hissy fit." Most probably Aunty had said something in public that offended her.

But there were degrees of escalated annoyance between those two. Aunty rarely got annoyed. She just took it all in, chuckled, and took another drag off of her ever present Salem cigarette. Granny, on the other hand, was fair game to Aunty's fowl mouth and antics. Aunty took no prisoners and suffered no fools. Basically, she called it as she saw it. 

"Having a hissy fit with a tail on it" indicated that my Granny was even more peeved than before. And, if Aunty kept on going, Granny would have a "Duck fit" which was at least one step above a "Hissy fit". Of course, we all knew Aunty was in her prime when my Granny had a "Dying duck fit" which translated to an escalated "Duck Fit". And, nothing gave my Aunty more pleasure than to achieve this goal. 

Fode aka Flora Katherine (my Aunty) on the left with the ever present Salem and Mamie aka Mary Margaret (my Granny) on the right.

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