Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's Just Me

Why do folks, especially women, from other parts of the country always say, "You are just so cute," when they first meet me? Are worse yet, ask me, "Can you say that again? I just love to hear you talk". Why is this the first impression most people get of southern women, well that is those who have are all their teeth, are wearing clothes that match, and none of those clothes sport anything having to do with NASCAR?

I cannot help the way my Mama and Daddy reared me and how I pronounce my words. Hopefully, some of those lessons in manners stuck. Like the one not to ask people from southern New Jersey to please restrain from speaking in my presence because every time they open their mouths I hear finger nails on a chalk board.

When I meet strangers and they learn where I come from, honest to God, I think they are surprised I am not wearing my hoop skirt and quickly waving a frilly fan in front of my face. Although some refer to it as "our most recent unpleasantness" it was 150 years ago and we have moved on. Perhaps everyone else should also. Rhett left Scarlet, Richmond fell, and Lee surrendered. Move along folks, nothing to see here. 

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