Saturday, February 9, 2013

Side Effects, a Movie Review

The movie Side Effects, Steven Soderbergh's swan song, is said to be made in the genre of the Hitchcokian thriller. I don't want to say anything to divulge the plot. But, I will say, I could reveal  any part of the movie and you still would not have a clue what was coming next, much less how it ends. One critic went as far as to say "See the movie then read the reviews". 

No spoiler alert here - every trailer and every review reveals this much: The premise of the movie is a young wife fighting depression drives her car into a wall, in an unsuccessful suicide attempt,  just after her husband has been released from prison, doing time for insider trading. Her compassionate doctor prescribes her a new medication to help her deal with her psychological issues. And, so goes the story. . . But no, no, no. That is just the first 15-20 minutes. Every time I thought I had figured it out, the story took another turn. By the end of the film, I looked at my DH, and said "Boy, I didn't see that one coming."

Rooney Mara (aka The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) is hardly recognizable as Emily the tortured mousy wife and Channing Tatum (last seen in Magic Mike) is her husband, trying to get his life back together after serving four years in federal prison. Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Emily's former uptight psychiatrist with Jude Law in the role as Emily's current psychiatrist. 

It is a great movie, well acted with a good plot and a super cast. Unfortunately, this is the type of film that will get little buzz. The public will find the trailer ho-hum, without cars blowing up, steamy love scenes, or futuristic space ships flying over a destroyed earth. And, this will be their loss.

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