Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Impossible, a Movie Review

There is a major reason - beside the lack fungible resources - that I choose to enjoy my tropical vacations in the British West Indies rather than Bali, Thailand, the Maldives, or any of the other exotic locals in the Indian Ocean -Tsunamis. They tend to favor that part of the world.

That said, I did not want to see The Impossible . I had no desire to spend 114 minutes tied up in angst, struggling underwater, or dealing with the aftermath of the devastating Tsunami  in that area that destroyed many utopia including much of Thailand, December 26, 2004. 

I found the movie to be a tale of the strength one can draw from love to overcome overwhelming odds. It is a testament to the human spirit and determination. After the storm hits this lovely area there is nothing pretty - everything is raw and ugly. The tropical paradise quickly turns into a murky swell of water that literally washes the life out of everything in sight. Often it seems to be a land of the walking wounded among the dead. The remainder of the movie is the true story of a family violently separated by the force of nature and then their desperate quest to find each other in the miles of aftermath that resembles the remains of an atomic bomb.

My initial protest aside, I thought it was a good movie. While I didn't drown as the wave turned the world upset down and everything and everyone was under water, I was exhausted by the time they found dry land. And, for this movie, that is the way you should be. Given these folks spent days fighting these conditions and some areas, to this day, have still not recovered, I think giving 114 minutes of my time as a rubbernecking bystander seems paltry. 

Naomi Watt in the role of the mother of the family well deserves her Oscar nomination for Best Actress. Unfortunately, the movie did not get a lot of buzz and this year's Best Actress group this year is strong and deep.

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alo said...

"The Impossible" is an excellent film about one family's struggle to
survive during a tsunami cataclysm that rocked our planet not so long
ago. This excellent film sucked me into it's believably realistic and
powerful story-line, holding me in my seat until it's satisfying end.
Naomi Gildan polo outfit is amazing.