Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wedding Dates and Tide Charts

When our daughter said she wanted to get married on Edisto, we knew we needed to procure a venue. Not having one of the tidewater plantations in the family, we were able to find one that was available and visited it. The sight for the ceremony was on a lawn that gently sloped down to the tidal creek framed by ancient oak trees. The guests would be looking over the tidal creek to a view of the old plantation house and more oak trees.

Before we committed to it, naturally we had questions. There were the logistics, where would the guests park? (near the polo field). Were there bathroom facilities? (yes, they were built just for such occasions) What about SC's infamous no-seeum's? (there was a service that would spray prior to the event). Then we asked about dates.

This is when it got interesting. The owner said she needed to look at a Tide Chart to see what date was preferable. "Tide Chart?", I asked. "Why yes," she said. "You don't understand. Down here we do everything by the tides." Now, personally, I found this condescending because I knew what a Tide Chart was and what the tides were, but what the Hell did a Tidal Chart have to do with the date of my daughter's wedding. (I think I would have been more understanding had she wanted to consult a crystal ball.)

"Well, of course, you want to get married at high tide," she said with a smile looking at my daughter. Quickly I thought to myself, is there some superstition here? Low country voo doo? Will the haints curse you for life if you don't? My daughter spoke up, "Why? What difference does it make?" "Oh, a great deal. Have you ever seen the creek at low tide?" I answered, "Yes, certainly we have." And I wanted to add, - I was under the impression that she was getting married on the lawn, not in the creek. "Well, you don't want it to look like that during the ceremony?" "Like what?" I asked.

We walked out to the edge of the creek, which was about at half tide. Then she looked at me, and carefully said, "Most people don't want the mud in their pictures?" "You mean the plough mud?" "Yes." "Well, it's not just mud. You have all the grasses and everything else out there. That is the beauty of the marsh." I looked at my daughter. "I don't see a problem." Bumfuzzled, the lady led us back in the house to discuss dates.

When we settled on a date, she quickly typed on her laptop. I assumed she was entering the information into her calendar. She looked up and smiled, "Oh, I am so happy to tell you. Your wedding will be at high tide, so the mud will not be an issue." Oh, happy days. 

Now, I need to add this to my "Wedding List": Check Tide Charts. Who knew? Who cares?

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Linda Medrano said...

Thank goodness. Ann, mud would not do at all at this wedding. I'm afraid of creeks because of alligators.