Thursday, February 14, 2013

What Would They Say?

I'm trying to get everything straight in my mind. So I am checking my list again, yes, the invitations have been ordered, the menu is set, we still need to settle on the linens, I can put the flowers out of my mind for a week or two.

What would my Aunt Kat say? Oh, God, her concern would be the receiving line and making sure that someone was going to be on hand from the Laurinburg Exchange to get the details so it would make Monday's social column. (Not much goes on up there.) I can remember the social column in our local paper when I was little called "Over the Second Cup" with Becky Puckett. Being included or excluded from her notice could make or doom a hostess's reputation. But, I digress.

My Aunt J'nelle, who always sounded like a Yankee after she came back from graduate school in Boston would nit pick everything. My daddy always said she dreamed of being a Kennedy, but he wasn't sure even they were good enough for her. She had to come back home where she made it clear, that obviously,  none of us were up to her expectations. I can hear her now, "I just can't understand why you want to get married down there. I can see not wanting to get married in your own church, but outside? I remember when Caroline Kennedy got married, that beautiful little church in Massachusetts." Spare me!

Then there was my Aunty. "Why child what difference does it make? You just do what you want to do and don't worry about it. But, I'll tell you one thing - (then she would take a long drag off her ever present Salem cigarette) if you invite your friends, make sure they have something to drink. 'Cause they all  gonna be mighty thirsty when it's all over."

Of course, Mama, bless her heart would be thrilled our daughter is getting married in the low country, she would go along with any details having to do with the catering and the flowers, as long as the invitations were engraved and our daughter had selected a sterling silver pattern.  There were certain things in her world that never changed.

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Linda Medrano said...

Having never really been a "bride" like you are talking about, I still have a lot of the traditional leanings. I've bought my own sterling flat wear, Waterford wine glasses, and Lenox china. I also have a gorgeous collection of antique table linens. None of my kids has the slightest interest in having these things which amazes me.