Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Barbie's Dream Wedding

Next time I find myself as Mother of the Bride, I'm going with Package C, The Standard Outdoor Wedding, (complete with venue, tent, chairs, tables, linens, dance floor, the band and band stage, the caterer, the menu, food tables, bar, bar tenders and bar table with riser, the florist and the flowers, the invitations, stamps and guest list). Package A was The Wedding at the Bride's Home (complete with  three months of therapy for the mother of the bride). Package B was The Traditional. It involved a church and we were considering an outdoor destination wedding.

After all, we wanted a simple destination wedding without frills and hoopla. My daughter had never been into big bows and ribbons, well at least not since she was 8. She was much more tailored. Whenever she saw a wedding dress with a huge skirt and long train, she referred to it as a Cinderella Princess dress. The goal for her wedding was simple and elegant. This suited me fine.

The venue she chose fit this theme well. The beauty of the place alone would overshadow any  gauche decorations some may try to use in making the occasion festive. As our florist said, you just want to enhance the beauty with elegant things that add color and blend in, nothing that calls attention to itself. 

One thing we needed to provide were table linens. When I looked into renting linens I found that not only were they expensive, but most places were going to charge between $125 and $200 to have them delivered. Someone had suggested it may be cheaper to buy them ourselves. So I started looking at websites selling table cloths. I found one where the cloths started at $6. Life was good. 

As I started looking at the choices of table cloths, I found that there were many types and colors. As I went through the choices, I saw that in addition to table cloths there were table runners, chair covers, and chair sashes. I found myself looking at the organza chair sashes. For their price, I thought, we could put a sash with a nice bow on each chair. That would add some color to an otherwise sea of white chairs. This was something I had not considered before.

The more I looked, the more enthused  I got. Then I saw the pictures of table runners. We could add some of those to the tables to add some color to the white cloths. Suddenly, I could see the wedding starting to look a little more dressy and have some color. When I mentioned this to my daughter, her comment was, "Mom, this is beginning to sound like Barbie's Dream Wedding." I realized that she was under a lot of stress at work.

I was very enthusiastic to tell our florist, whom I was meeting with later that afternoon,  my idea to use the organza on the chairs and the table runners. As I described what I had in mind he just winced, "Well, I usually think of chair sashes for more formal weddings." Well this isn't a formal wedding, but it is not cheap. And, I want it to look nice." "Well it would add color to a sea of white." "See, that's what I am talking about." 

"If I were you, I would use a satin runner down the middle of each table to add some color. Organza is going to fade away." "Oh. Then should we look at satin chair sashes?" "Weeeell, you could, but that is going to add a lot of fuss to everything." I stopped and thought, then added, "And, now we are starting to look like Barbie's Dream Wedding." "Uh, yeah."

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