Friday, March 22, 2013

Reassurance for Mother of the Bride

I just want it known to all that I am tired of making decisions. It no longer matters to me if my shoes are platinum or light bronze. Is it really going to matter if the porta toilets have mirrors in them or places to hang your purses? And, no, I cannot even tell you the names of any of the patterns my daughter has chosen. It would suit me if I could just lay on my chaise lounge and eat bon bons.

I never aspired to be the Mother of the Bride and so far it is everything I feared - frustrating, tedious, and exhausting. Oh, I know when the big day comes, it will all be worth it. It would be much better, had I been able to take a sabbatical for about 2 months to properly prepare for the occasion. The first six weeks, I would have spent in the West Indies after I hired an excellent wedding director and given her (or him) carte blanche to plan, coordinate, and put on the grand event. Then I would return for the final two weeks, well rested and ready to assume my role. Sounds like a plan to me.

I saw a piece in the news yesterday that a new thing for brides (who absolutely have no proper upbringing whatsoever) is to send out "You are not invited" notices to acquaintances who may think they are closer friends than they are. Apparently  folks assume if you are their "friend" on Facebook then they will make the final cut on your wedding invitation list. These are most likely the same folks who do not RSVP, skip the ceremony, show up at the reception before everyone else so they can get to the bar early, and never send a gift. At least  Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson (in the "Wedding Crashers") always attended the ceremony, showed up with a proper gift, participated in everything, and often were the life of the party. But, I digress.

I need my mother here telling me I was doing a good job, although she would know I wasn't, but knew it was the right thing to say. That is the thing about southern women, we know when to say just the right thing, even when we know we do not mean it. Just the fact that she would say it, would reassure me that life was as it should be. 

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Sue Olson said...

You are so right about mothers and how supportive they are - even if they aren't right ! I'm sure your daughter will think of you this way some day, too. I have been a mother of the bride and I can tell you that I have thoroughly enjoyed every wedding since my daughters, because planning the wedding is so stressful. It will all come together, really!