Monday, March 18, 2013

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, a Movie Review

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is, well, not so incredible. Steve Carell (Wonderstone) plays half of a Magic Team (the other half played by Steve Buscemi) that has headlined in Las Vegas for twenty years. Unfortunately, as time moved on, they did not. Night after night, their act never changed and time caught with them.Or, better yet, the follies of Jim Carey, who plays a gory street magician brought their show to a bitter end. When they find that their act has disappeared like the rabbit in the hat, they are lost, especially Burt. 

And, to be quite honest, the movie flags like Burt's career. Only the talents of Steve Carell and Jim Carey carry it along. After all, when have those two not been fun to watch.  But, they can only carry it so far. Even with this star power, the magic isn't quite there. Once again, about thirty minutes into the movie, my DH turned to me, "This has got to get better." I didn't comment and we didn't leave.

Then the movie settles down, (as an aside) earlier when boy had met girl and boy humiliated girl, suddenly boy realizes what a fool he was and wants girl back. Alan Arkin, as the grand old Master Magician, comes in to save the day and remind all that it is that love of the magic that matters. He always seems to appear in good films (Argo, Little Miss Sunshine,  Stand up Guys, as examples). The best part of the movie is the last. I always wanted to know how they made an audience disappear and then reappear. It is truly amazing.

Oh, it's a magic act. 

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