Friday, March 15, 2013

Where is Franck When You Need Him?

36 days (5 weeks and a day) and my dress has not come in. And, it has some serious alterations to undergo when it does. Should I be concerned? Ah, yeah. The girl at the dress shop made it seem like it was no problem. They could turn it around in two weeks. It is bad enough to try to get things off the list, much less now have them reappear. Invisible ink is clearly against the rules here.

Speaking of "rules", no one shared them with me. I figured out a while back that Emily Post and Amy Vanderbilt are now gauche. My first hint was when I noticed women wearing sun dresses and flip flops at a 6 o'clock wedding. This was not a red neck ho down at the local Chat 'n Chew, with folks in back making wagers if the bride would make it to Wednesday this time. I'm talking about a well thought of family at a fairly big church. It only went downhill from there. Then there are the competitive weddings. I don't have time to compete.

I keep hearing stories about the incredible things folks did for their guests at the wedding. Such as: We did the welcome bags. We got bags from paper mart, information from the local chamber of commerce and then we went to dollar store and went nuts we got sunscreen and towels for our beach day, mini Aleve, mini Tide to go stick, mouthwash, lotion. Then we went to the liquor store and got mini bottles of champagne so they could celebrate. For the final item we got chocolates from a local place. We also included a welcome letter and my husband made this awesome map on Google with directions to all the events and put it all together threw a monogramed sticker on it decorated with ribbons in our colors and voila!

Shoot me now.

I assume these are also the Brides who have the week before the wedding planned with a day spa on Wednesday for all the girls, a trip to the Beach on Thursday for the wedding party, Friday is family day with a picnic lunch (and croquet on the lawn) for everyone, then the rehearsal and the dinner. Of course, then there is the Grand Finale on Saturday. To make it simple for their guests, they have an app you can download on iTunes. Just search for "Muffy and Doug's Special Day". That way you will not miss a thing.

There are times I really wish Franck Egellhoffer (from 'Father of the Bride') would appear and take care of everything. But, then again, I'm still waiting for the Housekeeping Fairy.

I know, good luck with that one, right?

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