Friday, April 12, 2013

A Wrinkle in the Plan

As I mentioned earlier, after calling around to rent linens, I realized renting linens was out of the picture (and out of the budget.)  I was not going to rent linens at a premium  then pay an exorbitant rate to have them delivered. So after doing some research, I found we could save money by buying the linens ourselves.After the event was over, we could clean the linens and, hopefully, sell them. 

Yesterday, I opened the box of linens and realized we had a problem. Each table cloth was carefully folded and wrapped in a plastic bag - operative word being "folded". I carefully removed one of the cloths and spread it out on my guest bed. Just as I feared, it looked as if it had been shipped from California wadded up in a paper bag. Was I supposed to iron these table cloths, all 24 of them? I don't even care to iron my shirts, and I wear a size 6.

Reading the care instructions I saw they could be washed in cold water, and tumble dried on low. Then if they were hung immediately upon removal from the drier they would be wrinkle free. I tried this with one and sure enough it came out of the drier flat as a starched shirt. However, I found myself holding (or trying to hold) 90 x 132 inches of fabric. I quickly threw it over a clothes rack we had next to the drier, making sure neither end touched the floor.

OK, I can get the wrinkles out by washing and drying each. Then I will have 24 wrinkle free table cloths. Let me revise that. I will have 24 extremely large wrinkle free table cloths. Now, how am I supposed to get these to the wedding? I can't fold them. The giant clothes rack piled high with wrinkle free linens will not fit in my car and cannot be tied on the back as a trailer. I do not have access to a Ford Excursion, the only vehicle I can think of large enough to safely lay them down in.

In the immortal words of Tom Hanks, "Houston, we have a problem" - a big wrinkle in the plan. At this point, 9 days from the wedding, 6 days until we leave, I am all into cutting to the chase, making it happen, and  abandoning a lot of pride and most prior plans. The obvious choice - have someone else deliver the linens.

I folded up the table cloth I had washed and put it back in the box. Then I called the wonderful folks who were supplying the tables and chairs and asked them to add table cloths to the order. They were happy to do so and told me there would be no delivery fee since they were already delivering the chairs and tables for the reception. 

Just another lesson for the MOB - know when to hold them, know when to fold them, and know when to give up and let the professionals do it.

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