Monday, April 22, 2013

It's Over

As Boz Scaggs said,"It's over, it's over now. Yes, you heard me clearly now I said It's over, it's over now."

Everything from now on is "AW". After a half bottle of wine (give or take - who's counting), a decent night's sleep, and 18 hours without any communication from the lady with the venue, I can see life returning to its normal, somewhat altered state. 

Some brides think that Water Music by Handel, Bach's Air, or Ode to Joy by Beethoven are the appropriate music for newly wed couple's recessional down the aisle. But this is a time of joy, of celebration. So, keeping with the low country theme, as they were pronounced  "Man and Wife",  the gospel choir started a joyous rendition of "Oh Happy Day." (Of course I have neither the rhythm, the style, the talent, or the ability to understand Gullah, so  I just had to rock to the happy beat with everyone else.) That put everyone in just the right mood to mosey on over to the reception and enjoy their favorite adult libation.

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