Monday, April 15, 2013


6 days and counting. We are past the stress stage. It is now a matter of survival - cut and run. 

Dress, what dress? Oh, the one with the zipper that had to be reworked when I had my second fitting? I'm sure it will fit this time. Of course I also thought freshman biology in college would be easy.

Shoes?  Whatever. They are so over rated.

The forecast has gone from warm and rainy, to cool and sunny, to now cool and rainy. I always wanted to have a wedding outdoors. Not.

I know my years of indulgence and debauchery have negated any chance I may have had for the blessing of Persephone (when I need her the most.) 
But, what did I do (that anyone was aware of) to bring on the wrath of Boreas.

So much for any expectation I may have had that the Greek gods would intervene on my behalf and bless us with fair weather.

God forbid, I ask their assistance with shoes.

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