Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Simple Provisions

Now, moving down my list it is time to figure out what I need for the guests who are staying with us at the beach house over the wedding weekend. This has not been high on my agenda until now. After all, they did not require table cloths, white chairs, special music, a stage, or coordinated attire. But, their time has come - at least as far as my list is concerned.

We were guests of one of the couples a summer or two ago. Every afternoon, she would bring this antipasto tray of meats and cheeses out to the patio for us to enjoy with our wine. They were Italian and  knew what they were serving. I am Anglican and only knew  it tasted good and most likely I could not properly pronounce the names of any the delectable I was eating, and probably would never remember what they were any way. So as it is my turn to host, in lieu of totally embarrassing myself, perhaps I should serve boiled peanuts and pimento cheese - just stick to the basics.

As for the substantial food, in case our guests need to eat between the different festivities, I could always just send Steve to Costco. God only knows what we would end up with. Last time I did that, he came home with 4 boxes of scallops wrapped in bacon, 44 miniature cheese cakes, and 2 trays of baby quiches. Of course, along with that was a new wire rack for the garage, ten pounds of carrots (for his tortoises), three gallons of Dawn (because it was a deal), and a new surround system (because ours was old). The meats and cheeses I had requested for a quasi antipasto salad never made it into the cart.

Who needs antipasto when you can have cheese cake? Fine food is so over rated. 

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